AVV-711 Wireless Laser Alignment System

AVV-711 is compact laser alignment system. It offers the benefits of a dynamic precision laser shaft alignment on machinery with minimal waste of time and without stretching the budget. Proper alignment eliminates the leading cause of machine breakdown and pays for itself! And furthermore you can use such useful features as flatness/straightness/perpendicularity reconciliation, circles center finding and many other. All these combined with outstanding reliability makes AVV-711 the best choice in laser alignment.

AVV-711 comes in a compact size with a vast range of functions.
These include:
  • "Keyless" data entry - simply turn the shaft by 60°, up to 360°, and the device will automatically register between 3 up to 36 data points
  • High precision two-axis measurement system allows alignment in two planes simultaneously (e.g. horizontal and vertical) with real-time data updates
  • Hassle free rough alignment - virtually boundless sensor with on-the-go beam adjustment option
  • Robust data management - you can stop the measurement session at any point, turn off the device, and return to it at a later time
  • Print a report via the database software on your PC or save it directly into a .pdf file on the device
  • We also offer a wide range of optional features and fixtures to fit your needs.
  • Available programs:
  • horizontal shaft alignment;
  • vertical (flange machine) shaft alignment;
  • soft foot;
  • auto sweep mode;
  • editable misalignment tolerances;
  • machine train;
  • cardan shaft;
  • flatness;
  • setup options;
  • thermal growth;
  • selection of shimming simulator to calculate for expected misalignment;

And, last but not least, all of these come at an unbeatable price!
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