Compact Vibrometer 107

FFT Vibrometer - 107 is a compact, handheld, microprocessor based vibration-measuring instrument designed to measure vibration parameters of the rotating machine according to ISO 10816, as well as other international standards which have been set on the same level - vibration acceleration, RMS vibration velocity, vibration displacement and Vibration spectrum analysis in FFT. It allows to measure the dynamic signals followed up by the record it into the non-volatile memory, as well overview and analyze the spectrum.



Standard Conditions for Operation:

  • Ambient temperature, -10 to 55, (5);
  • Relative humidity 80% at temperature 30;
  • Atmospheric pressure, 84 to 106.7 KPa (630 - 800 mm Hg);
  • Vibration frequency, not more than 30 Hz;
  • Max acceleration, 10 m/s2;
  • Pulses per minute, 10 - 50;
  • Maximum acceleration in respect to shock, 50 m/s2;
  • Pulse duration 10 - 12.5 msec;
  • Total shock number 1000.

System Specification

  1. Setting range of accelerometer conversion ratio (sensitivity), pC*s2/m - 0.1 to 500.
  2. Maximum input charge value, pC - 2000.
  3. Noise floor, not more than, pC, not more than - 0.03
  4. The dynamic range measurement of the RMS (root-mean-square) values of vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement is limited by the maximum input charge value on the top and the level of noise floor of charge amplifier at the bottom and depends upon conversion ratio of the accelerometer (vibration transducer).
  5. The limits of relative error at the charge measurement, the error of accelerometer is not taken into account, in the frequency band, Hz:10 to 0.707 cut-off frequencies of low-pass filter 5 %.
  6. Damping at cut-off frequencies of low-pass filter, dB, not more than -3dB at cut-off frequency of low-pass filter, no more than -7.5%.
  7. Frequency ranges of spectrum analysis: cut-off frequencies of low-pass filter, Hz - 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, 10000: cut-off frequency of low-pass filter, Hz -10.
  8. Spectrum resolution, lines - 800.
  9. Weight function - Hanning function.
  10. Calculating time of FFT spectrum, not more than: 20 sec.
  11. Absolute error of sinusoidal signal frequency, not more than, 0.75(F / 800), where F upper frequency of band analysis.
  12. The error of magnitude wave constituent, more than -1.5dB.
  13. Operating mode setting, not more than -1min.
  14. When measuring the signals with amplitude factor up to 5, the limits of complementary error of the instrument (without vibratory converter) do not exceed 0.5 of the basic error limits.
  15. Display: graphical LCD, 64 98 points.
  16. Power supply, 3.6V NiMH battery. Battery power control.
  17. Continuous operation on batteries, not less than 8hours.
  18. Current consumption 220V, 50 Hz AC, not more than 5VA.
  19. Electric strength and insulation resistance of the instrument corrsponds to the requirements of GOST 22261-94.
  20. The limits of complementary error of the instrument at voltage changing from 3.6Volts to 2.8Volts.
  21. The limits of complementary error of the instrument (without vibratory converter), caused by the change of climate and mechanical factors, within the range from standard values to the limit operating values, do not exceed 0.5 of the of basic error limits.
  22. The instrument operates normally when affected by acoustic noise with acoustic pressure 100 dB in the frequency band from 125 to 8000 Hz. Acoustic noise factor is not more than 0.03 %/dB.
  23. The instrument stands the impact of external magnetic field 80 /m , 50 Hz, influence coefficient of the magnetic field, however, is not more than 0.05 %/m-1.
  24. Probability of no-failure operation, not less than 0.92 per 2000 hrs.
  25. The average instrument life, not less than 10 years.
  26. Failure time, 1000 hours. The average failure time is set for standard conditions for operation.
  27. Dimensions, not more than 55 118 28 (mm).
  28. Weight, not more than 210 gram.

Delivery Set

  • 107B, Vibrometer w/chargeable battery builtin
  • Vibration accelerometer w/1.5m cable attached
  • Magnetic adaptor for accelerometer
  • External measuring tip for accelerometer
  • AC batter charger,220-230 Volts
  • Carrying case with form-inserted
  • Operating instruction manual in CD-ROM
  • CD-ROM PC software
  • USB PC Communication cable
  • Maker Calibration Certificate

Compact Vibrometer 107 Manual (PDF)

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